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Supplementary files for the thesis Expanding Social Realities Through Abstract Embodiment

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This collection includes several applications, videos, and datasets that document and archive the artefacts created as part of John Desnoyers-Stewart’s PhD dissertation “Expanding Social Realities Through Abstract Embodiment.” Through a series of 6 Virtual Reality (VR) artefacts, the dissertation explores topics of social connection, self-expression, abstract embodiment, performance, and touch. Each artefact is complemented by a range of qualitative and quantitative research presented in the dissertation. However, the artefacts also each stand on their own, embodying the concepts investigated and innovated through this research in their original form for the reader to interpret. The artefacts were exhibited publicly over 30 times between 2019 and 2023 at venues ranging from VR festivals such as Recto VRso, FIVARS, and V-Unframed, to a year-long installation at the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre and more. Having travelled around the world, with some made available digitally through platforms such as Meta’s AppLab, Hoame VR Meditation, and more, these applications are presented here to maintain a long term archive of the works themselves.

The artworks include:
JeL: a breathing synchronization VR experience that represents breathing as jellyfish to relax and synchronize participants.
Body RemiXer: a movement synchronization VR experience that responds to touch between participants.
Eve 3.0: a live VR performance for 6 participants facilitated by a dancer’s physical touch performed in from of a live audience.
Star-Stuff: a VR experience that transforms participants bodies into galaxies and lets them play together with the stars with another person.
Embodied Telepresent Connection (ETC): a prototype exploring various forms of pseudo-haptics using abstract bodily representations.
Synedelica: A mixed reality synesthetic experience that mediates vision using the sound from the immersants’ surroundings.

Each is documented through video trailers and a usable application. Most work with Quest 2 except for Body RemiXer and JeL which were made for PC.
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