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ETC - Meta Quest Application

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Embodied Telepresent Connection (ETC) is a prototype created to explore techniques for evoking a sense of social presence in VR. In particular, "ETC" explores the concept of social pseduo-haptics applied to abstract and ethereal bodies. Pseudo-haptics are a phenomenon where audio-visual stimuli evokes touch-like sensations in the body. The application allows you to change different parameters to see how different visual and auditory responses affect your experience. For example you can turn pseudo-haptic physics on or off to notice the difference, activate heartbeat sounds to hear the other person's heartbeat, and more. Automatically connects you to another person using the same experience in the same "room" (use the menu to switch rooms). If no one else is using it you will see a mirrored version of yourself.
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Copyright is held by the author.
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Contact, ORCID: 0000-0001-9354-4434
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None required
Supplemental information
For Meta Quest 2, 3
- Ensure you have hand tracking turned on and developer mode enabled on your headset (
- Unzip and install apk file using SideQuest Advanced Installer ( or Meta Developer Hub (
- Ensure your headset is connected to the internet and launch the application
- Use the left menu button (index finger and thumb together with left hand) to open the menu and change settings.

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