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Body RemiXer [online] - PC application

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An online version of Body RemiXer created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Exhibited at Recto VRso Vancouver 2020. Automatically connects to other people using the same platform. To get the full experience install on two PCs and launch the experience at the same time to be automatically connected. High-fiving connects your bodies while a double high-five (both hands) swaps your bodies so you can control each other's. Moving in sync generates a drumbeat. Made for Oculus Rift/Quest or SteamVR.
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Copyright is held by the author.
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Contact, ORCID: 0000-0001-9354-4434
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None required
Supplemental information
Instructions for PC-based SteamVR and Oculus VR systems:
-Download and unzip folder.
-Ensure you're connected to the internet.
-Use any SteamVR device, an Oculus Rift, or connect a Meta Quest using Oculus Link.
-Launch SteamVR or Oculus launcher if not already running.
-Once your Oculus launcher or SteamVR is running open the appropriate application (Oculus or OpenVR version) and put on the headset.
-Control hand gestures using controller buttons, navigate by walking, pointing and using trigger, or thumbstick.
-Run at the same time on another PC to connect automatically via a Photon PUN Server.
-High five to connect, double high five to swap bodies. Synchronize your movements, play, and have fun!

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