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We apply an inverse ensemble forecasting approach to COVID-19 outbreaks in a collection of U.S. counties containing college towns. Modelling disease dynamics with an SIR model, we define a time-…
Chronic lung allograft dysfunction (CLAD) is a condition that kills approximately 50% of lung transplant (LTx) patients who survive their first year post-surgery. A correlation between CLAD status…
Cancer is one of the major causes of mortality, accounting for one in six deaths worldwide in 2020. The majority of cancers can be prevented , cured , or reversed if early detected. Early diagnosis…
While seemingly undetectable, the digital world has a large effect on social movements; to what extent will people go, in order to persuade and influence others online? Twitter is a popular platform…
In recent years, the adoption of FPGAs in datacenters has increased, with a growing number of users choosing High-Level Synthesis (HLS) as their preferred programming method. While HLS simplifies…
Motion graphics videos offer a powerful means of communicating complex concepts through engaging visuals and animation. While becoming increasingly popular, authoring these videos can be overwhelming…
Background: The COVID-19 pandemic and its associated public health restrictions caused profound losses for children. To determine the impact on children’s mental health, we conducted a systematic…
Background: Children’s social and emotional wellbeing is crucial for health development. Consequently intervening in the early years, to prevent and treat mental disorders, can help to set the…
Background: Neurodevelopmental conditions, including autism spectrum disorder, fetal alcohol spectrum disorder and intellectual disabilities, begin very early in a child’s life and are associated…
Background: Children in government care face extraordinary challenges, which often include histories of maltreatment as well as higher rates of mental disorders. Effective programs to prevent child…
This thesis investigates how young women in Sijiqing, a rural-urban interface area on the outskirts of Beijing in the 1960s, navigated the challenges posed by the Communist Party's policies and…
Martin Handly's M.A. thesis on HbRf-39 lithics. Trent University, Peterborough ON.
List of all radiocarbon dates from Tse'K'wa
History of radiocarbon dating
Analysis of sediment samples
Analysis of sediment samples
Site formation; stratigraphic sequence; layer descriptions
Counts of fish bones by unit, layer and level
Codes for element and part used in master faunal catalogue
Codes for taxa used in master faunal catalogue