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An analysis of the current and future state of 3D facial animation techniques and systems

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Facial animation
Animation systems
Animation techniques
User survey
Motion capture

Computer facial animation is now being used in a multitude of important fields. It brings a more human, social and dramatic reality to computer games, films and interactive multimedia, and is growing in use and importance. Authoring computer facial animation with complex and subtle expressions is still difficult and fraught with problems. It is currently mostly authored using generalized computer animation techniques, which often limit the quality and quantity of facial animation production. Given additional computer power, facial understanding and software sophistication, new face-centric methods are emerging but typically are immature in nature. This research attempts to define and organizationally categorize current and emerging methods, including surveying facial animation experts to define the current state of the field, perceived bottlenecks and emerging techniques. The thesis culminates in documenting this shared knowledge and making recommendations based on the data gathered, on possible new techniques for next generation, face-centric, computer animation systems.

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Thesis (M.Sc.)