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Peristaltic Pump Design for Soft Solid Materials

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This thesis presents the design and initial proof of concept of a peristaltic pump tailored for soft solid materials, focusing on its potential application as part of a prosthetic colon. The research delves into the process of prototype construction, including the selection of materials and design considerations and limitations. A comprehensive examination of the operational cycle highlights the device's functionality, with a particular focus on material propulsion. Challenges encountered throughout the design phase, such as material selection and peristaltic design optimization, are thoroughly discussed. Notably, the study's major accomplishment lies in demonstrating the feasibility of peristaltic pump utilization for soft solid properties.
In a series of eight trials, key performance metrics were established: an average flow rate of 0.39 grams per second, with an average stroke time of 11.82 seconds. The device exhibited an average performance of 7.9%, ejecting an average of 4.7 grams of material per stroke. These findings underscore the device's functionality and lay the groundwork for further refinement and optimization.
Furthermore, the thesis explores potential avenues for future enhancements, including miniaturization, automation, and the quest for implantable medical-grade materials. This work underscores the ongoing efforts to refine the device into a self-sufficient and user-friendly solution, closely aligned with the standards of implantable medical-grade devices.
Undergraduate Honours Thesis in Engineering Science.
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