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Examining Eating: Bridging the Gap Between 'Lab Eating' and 'Free-Living Eating'

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Food consumption and its physiological, psychological, and social antecedents and outcomes have received considerable attention in research across many disciplines, including consumer research. Although researchers use various methods to examine food decision-making, many insights generated stem from observing eating choices in tightly controlled lab settings. Although much insight can be gained through such studies (or "lab eating"), it is apparent that many factors differ between such settings and everyday consumption (or "free-living eating"). This article highlights key differences between "lab eating" and "free-living eating," discusses ways in which such differences matter, and provides recommendations for researchers regarding how and when to narrow the gap between them, including by enriching lab studies in ways inspired by free-living eating. Besides suggesting how researchers can conduct studies offering a deeper understanding of eating patterns, we also highlight practical implications for improving food consumption for consumers, marketers, and policymakers.
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