Reflection on digital design for marketing - Summer 2018 with Simon & Schuster Canada

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This report examines the 2018 summer digital marketing campaign by Simon & Schuster Canada, during this report’s author’s professional placement. The core message of the report is that digital design skills are more necessary than ever for publishers. Firstly, an overview of the Simon & Schuster parent company is offered, but the focus will be on the Canadian branch’s team in Toronto, Ontario. Secondly, the 2018 summer campaign will be discussed, with notes on the 2017 campaign and lessons for the 2019 campaign, and successful digital assets built in support of the 2018 summer campaign will be shared. Thirdly, two 2018 spring titles’ digital marketing plans will be featured as case studies: Ocean Meets Sky by the talented illustrator brothers Terry & Eric Fan for the Children’s section, and Come From Away by Genevieve Graham for the Adult one. The report concludes with a brief examination of reasons why publishing industry hopefuls need to include digital design skills in their professional repertoire. All figures and stats are accurate as of March 2019.
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