Client Experiences of Transitioning from Adolescent to Adult Mental Health Services while Battling Anorexia Nervosa

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Objective: This study aimed to conduct qualitative research on the perspectives of service users regarding the transition from adolescent mental health to adult mental health services while battling anorexia nervosa.Method: Critical Incident Technique was employed in this study. Interviews were conducted with women who were actively battling anorexia, or had struggled with it in the past, and who have either fully completed, or were in the process, of completing a service transition from adolescent mental health services to adult mental health services.Results: There were seven participants in this study. From the seven interviews 285 critical incidents to transition services were identified and extracted. Eighty-one incidents were found to be helpful, 121 were found to hinder, and 83 were wish list items that participants would have liked to have seen happen during their transition to adult mental health services for eating disorders. Incidents were placed in categories using inductive reasoning. There were eight helpful categories, nine hindering categories, and six wish list categories. Credibility checks were completed to ensure trustworthiness.Discussion: The helpful, hindering, and wish list results were discussed within the themes of identity processes, relationship construction, and navigating a complex mental health system. Benefits and limitations of the research were also discussed. The significance and implication of these results have an impact on eating disorders services and service providers in British Columbia.
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