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StarCraft 2 Replay Analysis

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Author: Joe Thompson
Author: Mark Blair
Author: Andrew Henry
Author: Bill Chen
This data was used in Thompson et al. (2013).We aggregated screen movements into screen-fixations using a Salvucci & Goldberg (2000) dispersion-threshold algorithm, and defined Perception Action Cycles (PACs) as fixations with at least one action. Time is recorded in terms of timestamps in the StarCraft 2 replay file. When the game is played on 'faster', 1 real-time second is equivalent to roughly 88.5 timestamps. A list of possible game actions is discussed in Thompson, Blair, Chen, & Henrey (2013). Skip league conditional inference forest classification was used (Bronze-Gold;Silver-Platinum;Gold-Diamond;Platinum-Masters;Diamond-Professional) to show changing patterns of variable importance with skill. Predicted attribute: League (Ordinal)
NOTE:The researchers have since discovered that a few individuals might have been able to submit multiple games to the study. In order to ensure independence of observations, their consequent work drops the following games: 1172 2183 2652 4064 4075 5247 7011 7988 8236 8750 Doing so will drop the aforementioned players and all of the games they submitted.
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Video Game Telemetry as a Critical Tool in the Study of Complex Skill Learning
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