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Author: Gautam, Sakshi, Author: Chugh, Sachin, Author: Gates, Byron D.
High-surface-area multifaceted platinum (Pt) nanoparticles (NPs) exhibit promising electrocatalytic properties for various electrochemical reactions. Effective structural and morphological control is…
Author: Wakkary, Ron, Author: Odom, William
In this chapter we provide an overview of concepts and methods that have become part of our approach to gain a broader and deeper understanding of the relations between humans and technology. Over…
Author: Oogjes, Doenja, Author: Wakkary, Ron, Author: Lin, Henry, Author: Alemi, Omid
Morse Things are Internet connected ceramic cups and bowls that communicate with each other in Morse Code. This ongoing research iteratively asks thing-centered questions of things and technology. A…