A comparison of intimate partner violence in mid-and-old age: is elder abuse simply a case of spousal abuse grown old?

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Author: Yon, Yongjie
The study used a national pooled dataset from the 1999 and 2004 Canadian General Social Surveys (GSS) to compare spousal abuse between mid-age adults (45-59 years) and older adults (>60 years). Two types of abuse: emotional/financial and physical/sexual are investigated. Three regression models on personal, relationship and environmental explanatory factors are examined to determine salient predictors of spousal abuse for each age group. Both similarities and differences were uncovered across the age groups. In general, the differences reflect the complexities of an aging population indicating the importance of social network, such as participation in social activities and community size. In addition, disability status and spousal drinking habits for both age groups were found to be associated with abuse. This study is first of its kind to examine spousal abuse among younger and older populations on the national level. The findings have implications for intervention programs for abused victims.
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