Preliminary development of a bio-inspired hexapod climbing robot relying on dry adhesives

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(Thesis) M.A.Sc.
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Author: Li, Yasong
Biologists have recently discovered that dry adhesion on the feet of geckos and hunting spiders provides remarkable adhesive forces generated by van der Waals forces. Different researches have attempted to mimic the adhesive used by geckos and spiders adhesives through novel manufacturing processes. This thesis presents the preliminary analysis and development of hexapod climbing robot prototypes designed to take advantage of the special features that dry adhesion offers. A kinematic analysis was performed, which was validated through an experimental procedure. The two robotic prototypes, which were developed following engineering design procedures, are presented and discussed in this thesis. Preliminary investigations on optimal trajectory and joint torques for enhancing dry adhesive properties are introduced for a future in depth analysis and use in climbing platforms.
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