The Sunflower Project – improving the quality of life of women living with HIV/AIDS in Colombia

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The experiences of women living with HIV/AIDS were studied by means of the analysis of how a government and non-governmental project have improved their lives. In Colombia, the ratio of infected men to infected women was 7:1, in 2002, indicating great women suffering from HIV/AIDS. In-depth, semi-structured, open-ended interviews were applied to explore women’s journeys, their relationship to health services and their experiences of stigmatization and discrimination. Women involved participate in the Sunflower Project, a grassroots initiative also called the Colombian Network of Women Living with HIV/AIDS, and the Mother-to-Child-Transmission Project, a government initiative. Examinations of the programs outcomes show the need for more information; education and empowerment allow women to continue their journeys towards self-determination. Findings highlight women perceptions of life improvement with social network support and economic stability as a result of their participation in these projects. Such projects are essential for women with AIDS.
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