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Respecting your rights : a guide to the rights of people living in British Columbia long term care facilities

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Author: Beck, Mary
This booklet answers common questions about living in care facilities (including intermediate-, multi-level-, private-, and extended care facilities).Table of Contents: Introduction. 1. Your Right to Be Treated with Dignity and Respect: Your right to be treated as an adult; Your right to be treated with respect; Your right to be treated as a person capable of making your own decisions. 2. Your Right to Personal Choices: Your right to personal lifestyle choices; Your right to choices about your personal space; Your right to do things that you enjoy; Your right to be with people that you enjoy; Your right to decide if you want help. 3. Your Right to Good Care: Your right to trained staff capable of meeting your individual needs; Your right to have your care needs assessed; Your right to feel secure about continuing to receive care. 4. Your Right to Make Health Care Decisions: Your right to make your own health care decisions; Your right to know your plan of care; Your right to know about matters affecting your health; Your right to see your records; Your right to accept or refuse care; Your right to have someone speak for you. 5. Your Right to Privacy: Your right to personal privacy; Your right to privacy during care and grooming; Your right to privacy of personal and medical information. 6. Your Right to Safety and Security: Your right to a safe environment; Your right to expect a reasonable response to your needs; Your right to freedom from restraints; Your right to be free from physical, emotional or mental harm.7. Your Right to Personal Freedoms: Your right to basic freedoms as a citizen; Your right to be free from discrimination. 8. Your Right to Speak Up: Your right to have concerns and problems dealt with fairly and quickly; Your right to speak out about problems; If a problem happens, what can I do?; How others can help you; Suggestions for problem solving; Are there limits to speaking out?; Are there ways to prevent problems? 9. Resources and Contacts
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