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Shelter and care of persons with dementia

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TABLE OF CONTENTS: INTRODUCTION; PART I: SPECIALIZED CARE IN INSTITUTIONAL SETTINGS: 1. Basic Facts and Figures about Dementia Patients in Institutions / Kimberley L. McEwan, David Maxwell and Gloria M. Gutman; 2. Characteristics of Six Special Care Units in British Columbia / Gloria M. Gutman and Judy Killam; 3. Comparison of Care Practices for Persons with Dementia Living on and Outside Special Care Units in Ontario's Homes for the Aged / Darlene Flett and Christine K Davis; 4. Le Chez Nous : Accommodation with a Difference for Cognitively Impaired Persons in Rural Manitoba / Ulysses Lahaie and Jacqueline Theroux. PART II: BEHAVIOURAL INTERVENTIONS AND ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN ISSUES: 5. Non-pharmacological Approaches to Management of Patient Behaviour: A Focus on Behavioural Intervention for Depression in Dementia / Linda Teri; 6. Behaviour and Use of Space by Residents of Special Care and Integrated Nursing Home Units / Allen R. Dobbs and Brendan G. Rule; 7. Wandering Tracks: Environmental Strategies That May Work Too Well / Doris L. Milke; 8. Designing Facilities for People with Dementia: A New Resource for Planners and Caregivers / Thomas J. Lips. PART III: INSTITUTION - COMMUNITY COOPERATION AND COLLABORATION: 9. The Organization and Coordination of Psychiatric Services for the Elderly in an Urban Setting / Kenneth I. Shulman and Carole A Cohen; 10. Organization and Coordination of Services to Individuals with Dementia Living in Rural Settings / Connie J. Sarchuk and Peter Wiebe; 11. The Bethania Special Care Resource Team / L Craig Turner and Barbara J. Graham. PART IV: FACILITATING SHELTER AND CARE AT HOME: 12. Adapting the Home to Meet the Needs of Persons with Dementia and Their Family Caregivers / Nancy Gnaedinger; 13. The Alzheimers' Family Care Centre - Daycare with a Difference / Laurie-Anne Keith and Deborah Rutman; 14. Respite Care: What Are the Options? / DouglasH. Rapeije.
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