Rethinking retirement

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Four of the seven chapters in this volume are based on papers originally presented at the 6th Annual John K. Friesen Lecture Series in Gerontology held at Simon Fraser University April 3-4, 1995. The impetus for the symposium and the volume was provided by the profound changes that are taking place in Canada and throughout the developed world in the way retirement is being conceptualized, timed, and reflected in corporate and public policy.' A systematic examination of these changes seemed warranted.TABLE OF CONTENTS: 1. Introduction. 2. Population Aging: A Contested Terrain of Social Policy/ Ellen M. Gee; 3. Rethinking Retirement: Issues for the Twenty-First Century / Victor W. Marshall; 4. The Older Worker in Canadian Society: Is There a Future? / Victor W Marshall; 5. Security for Social Security - Raise the Age of Entitlement? / Robert L. Brown; 6. Work, Retirement and Women in Later Life / Susan A. McDaniel; 7. Women's Retirement: Shifting Ground / Lynne MacFadgen and Lillian Zimmerman.
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