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Fact book on aging in British Columbia and Canada, 8th edition

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Author: Kim, Boah
Author: Qiu, Sarah
The eighth edition of the Fact Book is based on the 2021 Census and also supplemented with data from national health surveys, such as the Canadian Community Health Surveys, and other targeted surveys conducted in B.C.
It should be noted that some tables are based on the National Household Survey (NHS), which is a subset of the Canadian population. The estimates based on the NHS will be highly accurate for the data presented in the Fact Book due to the design and size of the survey, but will vary slightly when compare to the census. Like the first seven editions, this edition references all source documents and presents data primarily in numeric tabular form, highlighting selected trends in charts, figures and graphs. We have deliberately chosen a presentation format that maximizes the potential usefulness of the data for its audience. This decision reflects the frustration of researchers when working only with graphs, charts and tables containing summary information, since it is extremely difficult to reconstruct or recombine these types of data in ways necessary to suit information and/or research needs. We have made some selected comparisons of key patterns across the different editions of the Fact Book in order to highlight major trends over time; however, a full set of comparisons requires a separate report. It should also be noted that, at the time of publication of this monograph, some data were not available in 2021 to update material from the seventh edition deemed important. In some instances, we have replicated the 2016 data for the reader.
The main comparisons of demographic data include: geographic comparisons between British Columbia and Canada, as well as other provinces in certain tables; gender differences; and those related to age differences, such as comparisons between middle-aged and older persons or among senior age groups, as well as differences overtime. The book also uses the more recently adopted term “Indigenous Peoples of Canada” in place of previously used terms used by Statistics Canada. It is hoped that this monograph contributes to gerontological knowledge, practice and policy in efforts to promote well-being over the life course.
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ISBN: 978-1-77287-113-5
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Fact book on aging in British Columbia and Canada (8th ed.)
Simon Fraser University Gerontology Research Centre
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