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Hula kahiko, Ke Ha'a la Puna i ka makani

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Author: Mau, Khafri
Author: Mau, Khian
Ke Ha ‘a La Puna i Makani (Puna is dancing in the wind), tells the story of the first hula. This hula does not resemble hula auana and is a classic representation of hula kahiko in a chant often accompanied by an implement such as an ‘ipu (hollowed out gourd). Ke Ha’a La Puna is an oli learned by many Halaus across the globe. Its interpretation can vary depending on the Halau, Kumu’s interpretation, and relationship with her/his kumu of the chant. In addition, the appropriate sharing of the oli with Kumu’s haumana and others also depends on the relationship between teacher and student, with other kumus, the energy, and the spirituality the Kumu brings to her/his halau.
Hula kahiko, Ke Ha'a la Puna i ka makani
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