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Sounding 4: Ancient Retellings

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This sound file accompanies Chapter 4 of my doctoral thesis. The five soundings offer an aural expression of my research.

Heed the whispers of kami, ancient gods.
The moist rumblings of a world blanketed in darkness.
Ame-no-Uzume-no-Mikoto, goddess of dawn and merriment,
lures the sun goddess from her cave, returning light to the world.
The singing bowl sounds, keeping the story in play.
Sounding 4: Ancient Retellings
Audio file
Chu-daiko: Elaine Ginn
Ōdaiko, shime-daiko, uchi-wa daiko: John Endo Greenaway
Chappa, chu-daiko, spoken voice (original text), Tibetan singing bowl, wind gongs: Amy Newman
Okedo-daiko,1 shime-daiko: Emiko Newman
Young herons chatter with chipping sparrow trills: Recorded by John Endo Greenaway
Ancient Game Singing Bowl: Soundsnap.
Cave atmosphere – Cave – Bats: BBC Sound Effects.
Electronic sounds: BBC Sound Effects.
Laos - Luang Prabang – River 1: Soundsnap.
Studio Crowd Whisper: Soundsnap.
3 min 36 sec
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Copyright is held by the author.
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