Sounding 3: Ōroshi releases into Matsuri

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This sound file accompanies Chapter 3 of my doctoral thesis. The five soundings comprise one of the timbral lines of the study, offering an aural expression of my research.

Listen to the commas between the accelerating drumbeats.
Notice the rhythm of the festival, the summoning of kami, ancient gods
carried on the shoulders of the shrine bearers.
Can you feel the weight of their work, your work, transported across ocean?
My saxophone enters, evoking practice and place.
Sounding 3: Ōroshi releases into Matsuri
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Chinese crash cymbals, chu-daiko, shakers, tuned gongs: Elaine Ginn
Ōroshi: John Endo Greenaway
Angklung, Royal Poinciana seed pods, shakers, shime-daiko, tuned gongs: Amy Newman
Shakers, rattles, tuned gongs: Emiko Newman
Ambient sounds, bells, chant, voices: Rakuichi and festival participants
Shime-daiko: Kanata Soranaka
Crows and ambient west coast forest: Recorded by John Endo Greenaway and Amy Newman
“Aiiro” based on “Nagamochi-uta” (traditional) by Uzume Taiko: Performed by Boyd Grealy on frame drum, John Endo Greenaway on Chinese drum, Amy Newman on alto saxophone, Bonnie Soon on riq. ©Uzume Taiko, Every Part of the Animal. 1998.
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