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Sounding 2: Awakenings

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This sound file accompanies Chapter 2 of my doctoral thesis. The five soundings comprise one of the timbral lines of the study, offering an aural expression of my research.

Listen for children’s voices that call out across the playground,
across time, punctuated by the Tibetan singing bowl.
Deep breath of shakuhachi slowed and elongated.
A summoning.
Insects shimmer and buzz. Release into the entanglements of the world.
Sounding 2: Awakenings
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Angklung, chajchas, rattles, shakers, Tibetan singing bowl: Elaine Ginn
Breath, rattles, shakers, wind gongs: John Endo Greenaway
Alto saxophone, chajchas, hyoshigi, rattles, shakers, spoken voice (original text), wind gongs: Amy Newman
Shakers, rattles, wind gongs: Emiko Newman
“Grace” by Uzume Taiko: Composed by Leslie Komori, tenor saxophone by Amy Newman. Excerpt performed by John Endo Greenaway, Eileen Kage and Leslie Komori.© Uzume Taiko, Chirashi. 1990.
“Untitled” (Excerpt slowed for use in thesis). Performed by Takeo Yamashiro on shakuhachi. ©Uzume Taiko, Chirashi. 1990.
Children playing outdoors: BBC Sound Effects
Insects: BBC Sound Effects: BBC Sound Effects.
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