NaviBot autonomous robot requirements specifications

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Author: Hogg, Davis
Author: Srdic, Alek
Author: Lavin, Mark
Author: Kim, Michael
Author: Yang, Martin
NaviBot is an autonomous robot capable of mapping work surroundings and safely traversing small packages to the requested destination.  It is designed to aid industries needing to transfer countless amounts of packages between employees and departments. The objective is to reduce the workload on employees requiring delivering various items throughout the day and increasing critical work productivity. DAM3 Technologies 'goal is to achieve a reliable, simple, effective, and secure machine to give users confidence in the delivery service.
Engineering Science undergraduates are required to complete a group-based, two-course capstone sequence: ENSC 405W and ENSC 440. Groups form company structures and create an innovative product that potentially acts as a solution to a real-life problem.This collection archives the following assignments: proposal, design specifications, requirements specifications, and final presentation
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