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The Trip Diary: A City in Transit – with Peter V. Hall

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On this second episode of The Trip Diary, Steve Tornes speaks with Dr. Peter V. Hall about the Employer Transit Subsidy Study, a research project which examined the factors that encourage people to switch from driving to public transit. The study also explored the question of who would still not use public transit if it was made free to the public.Compared to our last episode on equity, this research is quantitative and numbers based – and yet, even though it involves big data, it still cares deeply about equity. Peter further discusses how the study was designed with a social purpose to inform collective bargaining discussions between the hospitality workers union and hotel management, and the strategic regional goals of the City of Vancouver and TransLink. This SFU study was done in partnership with the union and management of seven hotels, TransLink, and the City of Vancouver.
Peter V. Hall was Dean pro tem in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, and is Professor of Urban Studies at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada. His areas of research include port cities, community and local economic development, and he is an Associate Editor of the Journal of Transport Geography. He was Principal Investigator of the Employer Transit Subsidy Study. Resources: Meet Steve Tornes: Fraser University Employer Transit Subsidy Study, Main Report: Fraser University Employer Transit Subsidy Study, Executive SUmmary: transit subsidies and travel behaviour: Experimental evidence from Vancouver hotels: 
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