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Quantitation of Non-Specific Protein Adsorption at Solid-Liquid Interfaces for Single-Cell Proteomics

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Protein nonspecific adsorption that occurred at the solid–liquid interface has been subjected to intense physical and chemical characterizations due to its crucial role in a wide range of applications, including food and pharmaceutical industries, medical implants, biosensing, and so on. Protein-adsorption caused sample loss has largely hindered the studies of single-cell proteomics; the prevention of such loss requires the understanding of protein–surface adsorption at the proteome level, in which the competitive adsorption of thousands and millions of proteins with vast dynamic range occurs. To this end, we feel the necessity to review current methodologies on their potentials to characterize — ore specifically to quantify — the proteome wide adsorption. We hope this effort can help advancing single-cell proteomics and trace proteomics.
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