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Ace Training System [training system for pool players]

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Pool Shark Technologies is taking advantage of the vast and growing market of budding snooker and billiards players by creating the Ace Training System (ATS), a virtual coach that teaches players to play the game like true professionals. Using its precise image processing ability, the ATS will be able to survey the playing surface before instructing the player on the best ball to hit, as well as where and how to hit the ball. From the reliable guidance of the ATS, the player will develop a strong strategic sense in how to play the game. Of course, the ATS will also help the player to improve and perfect essential striking skills such as cue positioning, aiming, cue speed, and follow through. Thus, this system is suitable for every kind of player, whether he or she is a beginner learning the game for the first time, or a professional trying to perfect his or her skills.
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