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VoiceIR [voice activated remote control system]

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Author: Cheng, Alex
Author: Liu, Jeff
Author: Liaw, Gary
Author: Lum, Roger
Author: Ng, Colin
Household electronics, such as television, have evolved to become easy to use. A large aspect of this evolution is the development of infrared (IR) remote controls. However, many are unable to enjoy the simplicity that IR remote controls provide in operating household electronics. They are the people who suffer from debilitating conditions ranging from arthritis to amputation to paralysis.Our product, the VoiceIR, will allow these disabled individuals to regain some of their independence. Our solution is a product where a person would be able to control any IR device by voice. Currently, alternative solutions include caretakers, expensive environmental control units, or limited application voice-operated remotes. Our solution, by contrast, will be completely operable by the disabled, low cost, and compatible with any IR device. Our product will receive input in the form of voice commands. These commands will be interpreted and an IR transmitter will cause the proper device to perform the desired function. 
Undergraduate Engineering students are required to complete a group-based, two-course capstone sequence: ENSC 405W and ENSC 440.  Groups form company structures and create an innovative product that potentially acts as a solution to a real-life problem.  This collection archives the following assignments: proposal, design specifications, requirements specifications, and proof of concept.
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