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NaviCane [navigation assisting cane]

Date created
Author: Leong, Edwin
Author: Li, Raymond
Author: Tong, Darren
We at Envision Today aim to enhance the quality of life of the visually impaired with the NaviCane: Navigation-Assisting White Cane. The NaviCane is essentially an integration between an ordinary white cane and pre-existing Global Positioning System (GPS) devices. Along with navigational capabilities, the NaviCane also features obstacle detections in front of and above the user. This will ensure that any user (regardless of their degree of vision impairment) may be able to comfortably and confidently travel. By utilizing our software application in conjunction with the NaviCane, the user is able to input any desired destination into the device. In the real world, the NaviCane operates similarly to an ordinary white cane so the learning curve is rather low; this provides the user with an easier transition period from their ordinary white cane to our device. We foresee the NaviCane being able to guide the user to venture out of their comfort zone and into unfamiliar territories. Since our product provides functionalities of a GPS navigational device within a regular white cane, it becomes more costeffective, lighter in weight, and more user-friendly when compared to existing solutions on the market.
Undergraduate Engineering students are required to complete a group-based, two-course capstone sequence: ENSC 405W and ENSC 440.  Groups form company structures and create an innovative product that potentially acts as a solution to a real-life problem.  This collection archives the following assignments: proposal, design specifications, requirements specifications, and proof of concept.
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