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AlarmSense System [noise cancelling headphone system]

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The AlarmSafe System is a product designed to increase safety and efficiency in loud industrial settings. In loud worksites, such as construction sites, manufacturing plants, or sawmills, hearing protection must be worn. Unfortunately, wearing hearing protection has a side effect that auditory alarms and communication from co-workers is also cut off, which can often have devastating consequences. The AlarmSafe System is designed to block out harmful industrial noise while allowing both alarms and worker speech through. The system is comprised of individual units worn by workers, a central charging station, and a smartphone app used for the monitoring and control of the system.Additionally, the microcontroller takes in signals containing the speech of other workers and sends it through the headphones. This communication system is designed to be much more natural than a standard walkie talkie. The microcontroller will attenuate incoming voice signals based around how loud the sender is speaking and how far away they are. For example, if one were to speak quietly into the microphone, the speaker's voice would only be received by nearby units. If the same person were to then yell into the microphone, their voice would then project to all units. This communication protocol mimics a worksite with no industrial noise or hearing protection, where workers are free to talk normally to one another. It also ensures that should the user become injured, they need only yell for the whole work site to hear their distress call.
Undergraduate Engineering students are required to complete a group-based, two-course capstone sequence: ENSC 405W and ENSC 440.  Groups form company structures and create an innovative product that potentially acts as a solution to a real-life problem.  This collection archives the following assignments: proposal, design specifications, requirements specifications, and proof of concept.
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