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Reframing Heritage in Vancouver — with Javier Campos

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Author: Johal, Am
Author: Paige Smith
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Javier Campos joins host Am Johal to discuss reframing the way we think about heritage. Javier is an architect and Principal Designer with Campos Studio, as well as the current president of Heritage Vancouver Society. Together, they explore what heritage means today as a living and changing concept. They discuss the dark roots of heritage, and how heritage has been deployed to erase and exclude the histories of communities who have been dispossessed and harmed by the settler-colonial project. In this conversation, Javier speaks to the idea of heritage as cultural production. Heritage should empower communities to drive change within their neighbourhoods, and to rewrite and shape their stories. Javier also speaks about taking an ecologically-minded approach to architecture, working with the critical regionalist tradition and passive design.
Javier Campos earned his Architecture Degree from the University of British Columbia after having completed an undergraduate degree in Art History. Previously he was at Acton Ostry Architects where, as lead designer, his projects were widely published and garnered numerous awards — including Canadian Architect and Lieutenant Governor Medals in Architecture. His work adopted a green agenda early and has included off the grid projects since 2001. He became LEED certified in 2004. Javier is also involved in Public Art and has won several competitions with Artist Elspeth Pratt in Vancouver. Javier served on the board of the Contemporary Art Gallery for six years and as well being the current president of the Heritage Vancouver Society, where he established an award winning outreach series on issues around Heritage.Resources:— Heritage Vancouver:— Shaping Vancouver series:— Campos Studio:— Sen̓áḵw:— Heritage Action Plan:
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