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LGBTQ2S+ Health: Impacts of Stigma — with Travis Salway

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Author: Johal, Am
Author: Paige Smith
Author: Kathy Feng
Author: Alyha Bardi
Author: Steve Tornes
Travis Salway, a social epidemiologist and an assistant professor in SFU's Faculty of Health Sciences, joins Am Johal in a conversation about syndemic theory, the state of conversion therapy in Canada, and LGBTQ2+ affirming healthcare.Going in-depth about the systemic health disadvantages of LGBTQ2+ people and the multiple epidemics concurrently affecting them, Am and Travis discuss what needs to be done to advance equity in the Canadian healthcare system and beyond. Travis also speaks to the current limitation of data collection for this vulnerable population – and how he and his team are working to create visual tools to help keep people informed on the state of Canada's LGBTQ2+ policies.
Dr. Salway is a social epidemiologist whose research investigates population health inequities in the context of stigma. He joined SFU Faculty of Health Sciences in 2019, coming with 18 years of experience working with sexual minority (lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer) communities to inform and improve public health interventions.Dr. Salway's research has resulted in an improved understanding of patterns and causes of mental health outcomes among sexual minority populations. In 2019, he presented this research to the Canadian House of Commons Standing Committee on Health, in the context of their historic study on LGBTQ2 Health in Canada. Dr. Salway is the co-founder and facilitator of The Roundtable: BC's LGBTQ2S Mental Health & Substance Use Networking Space. He is a Michael Smith Scholar (2019-2024) and an Affiliated Researcher/Faculty at the BC Centre for Disease Control, the Centre for Gender and Sexual Health Equity, and the Community-Based Research Centre.Resources:— Travis's Faculty Page:— ILGA Europe:— Trans PULSE Canada:— Between Two Pandemics, Ballroom Has Something to Say:
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