Techno-Economic Assessment for Installation of INVELOX Wind Turbines in Northern Iran

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This paper aims to provide a comprehensive feasibility study for the installation of a 100 MW wind power plant using the INVELOX system in Manjil, Gilan, in Northern Iran. In the first part of the paper, we provide a review of the status of wind energy installation in Iran. We then review the mathematical equations involved in wind power calculations. Afterwards, with the environmental data gathered from the corresponding authorities and open‐access sources, we analyzed the INVELOX system with its benefits and drawbacks. Then, based on the derived mathematical formulations, and using simulation software packages, the average wind power density is calculated, and the turbine system is designed accordingly. Finally, the economic profitability of this project was examined using a mathematical economic analysis and the COMFAR software package. In addition to the detailed feasibility study of this specific project, this article aims to provide a comprehensive literature review of the INVELOX system.
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