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Greg [plant care device]

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Author: Song, Daniel
Author: Chin, Steven
Author: Kim, Mickey
Author: Kim, Jake
Author: Huang, Eric
Author: Mndl
The specialized plant monitoring and care system, Greg, will be produced by the Mndl as a solution for mid-to-large scale nursery operations. This system will be a rail-mounted watering system that will use individual sensor devices to monitor a variety of plant types and sizes by adapting itself to a rack or table that is holding many plants. As plant home care grows as a hobby, many consumers demand more exotic and unique plants to be offered by nurseries creating a need for them to stock more varieties of plants that require different and specialized care. Water is the most important need for a plant to successfully grow and remain healthy but with a large variety of plant types and sizes, gaining the experience and expertise to accurately take care of these plants take time. Greg can take care of multiple plant varieties by registering an embedded sensor device into each plotted plant that provides positional data and soil moisture levels. With the sensor data, a catered amount of water is calculated to provide for each plant and administered by an automated robotic watering head that can find specific plants with positional data and image recognition. This system will be low-cost and flexible for expansion while providing the user with accurate data and confidence in the system.
Undergraduate Engineering students are required to complete a group-based, two-course capstone sequence: ENSC 405W and ENSC 440.  Groups form company structures and create an innovative product that potentially acts as a solution to a real-life problem.  This collection archives the following assignments: proposal, design specifications, requirements specifications, and proof of concept.
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