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Ethical Living in the Anthropocene — with David Chang

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Author: David Chang
Author: Johal, Am
Author: Paige Smith
Author: Kathy Feng
Author: Alex Abahmed
David Chang is a teacher educator, and PhD candidate in the Faculty of Education at Simon Fraser University. He researches contemplative approaches to environmental education. David Chang lives in Vancouver.
Author and educator David Chang of SFU's Faculty of Education joins Am Johal for a conversation about what it means to live an ethical life during the Anthropocene — an epoch marked by the monumental environmental impact of human activity. David is co-editor of a recently published collection of scholarly and creative essays, A Book of Ecological Virtues: Living Well in the Anthropocene.He and Am discuss themes in Ecological Virtues, including Aristotle's notions of virtue ethics, and the grounding of virtue ethics in other thought traditions. They also speak about David's colleagues' contributions to the book that deal with death literacy and the process of forging soulful connection with places through poetry.Resources:— A Book of Ecological Virtues: Living Well in the Anthropocene (University of Regina Press, 2020):—"What Are Your 'Ecological Virtues'?" - review from The Tyee:
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