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Urban Mobility and Transportation Policy — with Anthony Perl

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Author: Anthony Perl
Author: Johal, Am
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My research crosses disciplinary and national boundaries to explore policy decisions made about transportation, cities and the environment. I have published in dozens of scholarly journals, including Energy Policy, Transport Policy, Transportation Research, Journal of Transport Geography, World Transport Policy and Practice, Journal of Air Transport Management, Transportation Research Record, Journal of Public Policy, Canadian Public Policy, Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, Journal of Planning Education and Research, Journal of Urban Technology, Canadian Journal of Political Science and Scientific American. My work has been awarded prizes for outstanding papers presented at the World Conference on Transport Research and the Canadian Transportation Research Forum. I have advised governments in Australia, Belgium, Canada, France and the United States on transportation and environmental research and policy development. I served on the board of VIA Rail, Canada's national passenger railway. I have chaired the Rail Group of the U.S. Transportation Research Board (TRB), a division of the National Academies of Science, Medicine and Engineering. I am currently a Fellow of the Post-Carbon Institute and Adjunct Professor of Urban Studies at Griffith University in Queensland, Australia. Closer to home, I sit on the Vancouver City Planning Commission.
SFU Urban Studies professor Anthony Perl joins host Am Johal in conversation about urban mobility and the policy challenges and opportunities that shape the way people move through Canada's largest urban centres: Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver.They discuss findings from Anthony's new book, Big Moves: Global Agendas, Local Aspirations, and Urban Mobility in Canada, co-authored with Matt Hern and Jeffrey R. Kenworthy. Anthony traces the history of transportation infrastructure development through these three cities, and he and Am look towards a future that embraces more integrated and sustainable mobility options for urban and suburban life.Resources:— About Anthony Perl:— Big Moves: Global Agendas, Local Aspirations, and Urban Mobility in Canada by Anthony perl, Matt Hern and Jeffrey R. Kenworthy:— Vancouver City Planning Commission:
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