Meta-Analysis Data of 104 Renewable Mini-Grid Projects for Rural Electrification

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The data presented here contains project-level details on 104 renewable energy mini-grid projects installed for rural electrification across the globe; a subset of which is used to derive evidence-based empirical insights on the drivers of project success and cost in the article "An Analysis of Renewable Mini-Grid Projects for Rural Electrification" [1]. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first meta-collection of micro-level data on rural mini-grid installations. In addition, the literature search and the inclusion criteria of the studies used in the meta-analysis is reported, along with a complete list of sources, which can be utilized directly by other researchers and practitioners to reproduce or expand the database according to their own criteria and use it in further studies. Finally, the supplemental material in [2] includes the Stata code and output that can be used to reproduce the meta-analysis results in [1].
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