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Climate change is becoming a very real threat to humanity's existence in this world. Apart from the constant rise of average global temperatures and abnormal weather phenomena occurring in different parts of the world, society is unwittingly contributing to the issue by using too much energy. We make the common mistake of keeping the lights on in a room after we leave, or taking a very long shower just because it makes us feel better. If our behavior and technology do not change soon, we might soon reach a point of no return.To tackle the notion of energy efficiency, we are offering a solution that will help the environmentally conscious user reduce their impact on the planet while still being convenient to use. It may resemble a regular fan at first glance, but it is advanced enough to know when there are individuals in a room and is able to directly divert the airflow towards the direction of their presence. It uses low power computing and infrared cameras to track the movement of people in a particular room. When nobody is detected within the vicinity, the apparatus will turn itself off and go into a sleep mode, saving valuable electricity when not required. FANtastique Inc.'sproduct will be the affordable, sought after solution that residential and commercial building owners will be looking for that does not require the need of a dedicated air conditioning system that requires a significant amount more power to operate.
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