A Q1 mindset towards bulk lubricant distribution within British Columbia

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This research paper explores alternative bulk lubricant delivery options to create efficiencies within the current structure and alignment with Petro-Canada’s strategy for first quartile operations. Petro-Canada strives for Q1 operations that allow its cost structure to be competitive. The current bulk lubricant delivery system within British Columbia is an opportunity to increase efficiencies and lower total costs associated with distribution of bulk lubricants to end users. The complexity of the current system increases inefficiencies and there are many opportunities to resolve this situation to allow for efficiencies and effectiveness throughout the delivery system. This project will review internal operational impact of alternatives proposed as well as the external impact. The overall intent of the project is to simplify and increase efficiency with the current process. It will allow Petro-Canada to improve alignment throughout their entire lubricant division and is a strategic fit with their overall strategy to improve controllable costs.
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