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Contextual batting and bowling in limited overs cricket

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Ball-by-ball data
Duckworth-Lewis-Stern resource table
One-day cricket
Twenty20 cricket

Cricket is a sport for which many batting and bowling statistics have been proposed. However, a feature of cricket is that the level of aggressiveness adopted by batsmen is dependent on match circumstances. It is therefore relevant to consider these circumstances when evaluating batting and bowling performances. This project considers batting performance in the second innings of limited overs cricket when a target has been set. The runs required, the number of overs completed and the wickets taken are relevant in assessing the batting performance. We produce a visualization for second innings batting which describes how a batsman performs under different circumstances. The visualization is then reduced to a single statistic “clutch batting” which can be used to compare batsmen. An analogous analysis is then provided for bowlers based on the symmetry between batting and bowling, and we define a statistic “clutch bowling”.

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Graduating extended essay / Research project
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Harsha Perera
Timothy Swartz
Science: Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science
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(Project) M.Sc.