Costless Node Network - A Farming System Solution

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Node networks
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Crop data collection
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Costless Node Networks
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The goal of developing Costless Node Network (CNN) is to engineer a way to extract information from a farm in an effortless and productive manner. The purpose of CNN stems from the laborious task of manually and visually judging and collecting data and how this leads to inefficiencies and poor and limited access to data as the size of the farm increases. Collected data is intuitively presented to the farmer to enhance their crops. The type of data, volume of data, speed of access, will be the deliverables for this project.

The goal of CNN is to minimize physical efforts to collect data with initial capital cost  and maximize productivity for the farmers. This product is a comprehensive solution to all the challenges faced by farmers across the globe. Farmers suffer from low yielding  and increasing costs to the point that most barely breakeven. CNN’s primary goals is to reverse this experience by providing high resolution data allowing the farmer to take control of the crops and to expect healthy yields year after year. Using CNN means deploying a method which leads to a very healthy crop yield at a very low costs. Furthermore, CNN means a significant reduction in tedious labour.

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