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Introduction to Energy Modelling (SEE 310 Course Pack)

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Author: Niet, Taco
This course pack provides an overview of energy systems modelling for an introductory 3rd year, 4th year, or graduate level course. There are four main sections: Introduction, Optimization Models, Building Energy Models, and Energy-Economy Models. The introduction provides context on the importance and environmental impacts of the energy system through an engineering and socio-political lens. Two types of optimization models are covered in section 2: capacity expansion and power system models. An overview of solutions to optimization models through linear and mixed integer programming is provided. Section 3 provides an overview of building energy modelling with practice problems on calculating wall r-values and using eQuest for basic building energy modelling. Energy-economy models are then introduced including Input-Output, Computable General Equilibrium and Partial Equilibrium models.
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Niet, Taco; Kuling, Kamaria. “Introduction to Energy Modelling (SEE 310 Course Pack).” Simon Fraser University School of Sustainable Energy Engineering. 2020.
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