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Author: Wilson, Amy
In a time of ecological collapse, Edgelands (2019) considers the potentialities of making, speaking, mourning, caring, and growing with beings and forces that are other-than-human. Moving between soil communities on the Northwestern coasts of Scotland and Canada, my research focuses on the life-ways of plants and the vegetative microorganism mycelium indigenous to these regions to ground my interdisciplinary and collaborative enquiries. This research has been concerned with the ways in which practices of human and nonhuman making and care might meet. Combining human-nonhuman weavings, a soundscape and series of care-taking gestures, Edgelands is a performative installation that asks, how can multispecies alliances engage an ethics of care? As rhythms of human and nonhuman construction enfold, so too do landscapes, weaving together care practices within and across species, lands and timescapes.
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