Accommodating asylum: Improving the housing support system for refugee claimants in Canada

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Canada has recently seen a dramatic increase in the number of refugee claims being filed in the country. A backlog in the processing of claims has left an increasing number of people dependent on limited support infrastructure. This has been particularly problematic when it comes to housing. Studies have consistently found that refugee claimants face more barriers to accessing housing than other newcomers. This is further complicated by the growing dearth of affordable housing in Canada. The majority of research on this issue has been done at a regional level, with less consideration of federal factors. Using case studies and semi-structured interviews, this study attempts to fill that gap by examining what changes need to be made at a federal level in order to facilitate access to housing support for refugee claimants nationally. The three recommended policy options are designed to improve refugee claimants’ access to housing, and to lower current barriers by facilitating communication and planning.
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