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Working with nettles

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I wrote multiple stories, for this project I chose to focus on one, The Adventures of t̕ət̕emiyeʔ. This story was the largest most complex of all the stories and was translated into Upriver Halq’emeylem by Dr. Siyamiyateliot Elizabeth Phillips. This story is about a young girl named t̕ət̕emiyeʔ ‘Little Wren’ her way of acquiring the knowledge on how to use stinging nettles. Throughout this study I have downriverized, glossed and illustrated accompanying artwork for The Adventures of t̕ət̕emiyeʔ. My resources for doing so were written by Wayne Suttles, Brent Galloway, Franz boas and Nancy Turner. Firstly, I had to familiarize myself with the upriver orthography and what their equivalent representation was in the International Phonetic Alphabet; prior to writing the Hən̓q̓əmín̓əm̓ translation. Secondly, I went through and isolated the obvious translations. Thirdly, I segmented the morphemes of each word, began to gloss what I knew. Lastly, I compiled a list of questions and available resources and began researching the unknowns.
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