How the introduction of CGTN is popularizing the growing African continent through positive reporting: A Case study of China Global Television Network in Nairobi, Kenya

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Author: Sule, Habiba
Africa is full of mixed stories about desperation, lost and despair, and when young Africans offer an alternative narrative; they often are challenged to defend themselves. Most people like to think of Africa as a sum of its problems and the problem with this is it has created a single story that has created one perspective of Africa, which we have allowed to be told about us as if it is the only perspective of Africa. The problem with this is if the only stories about us are desperation, lost, diseases and despair then how can we image anything better than that? Over time, there has been an outcry and a desire for an alternative media to broadcast African stories positively, and from the African perspective. The desire to ‘own the African story’ created an opportunity for the Chinese national broadcaster CCTV to launch its brand CCTV Africa in the continent. The network was later rebranded into what is now called China Global Television Network Africa (CGTN). With its African production center based in Nairobi, Kenya, CGTN Africa aims to report Africa stories to the African audiences and the rest of the world. This case study employs qualitative analysis of Talk Africa, one of the shows aired on CGTN featuring African stories to find out how the introduction of the CGTN Africa has popularized the African continent through positive reporting. In the analysis, the framing styles used in the show, effects, content, and the reporting tones are analyzed to determine the research findings and conclusions.
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