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A Convenient, Effective, and Safer Flame Demonstration

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The well-described flame demonstration illustrates different aspects of energy, electronic transition, atomic structure, and the electromagnetic spectrum. Burning salts dissolved in a solvent produces visually appealing and vividly colored flames but many incidents have been reported from improper use of solvents and further use of this method has been strongly discouraged. Although alternative approaches have been developed to address some of the safety concerns, they do not match the convenience of use and vibrant colors produced using this new method. Presented, is a new approach on the standard flame demonstration that mitigates all concern regarding solvent use and restores the convenient aspects and brilliance of color of the traditional flame demonstration without compromising safety.
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Canal, J. P., Sharma, R. D., & Tailor, H. N. (2019). A Convenient, Effective, and Safer Flame Demonstration. Journal of Chemical Education. DOI: 10.1021/acs.jchemed.8b01010
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Journal of Chemical Education
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A Convenient, Effective, and Safer Flame Demonstration
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