Print book formats: A closer look at how Simon & Schuster Canada uses formats to find their readers

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Author: Desai, Leena
When we read a book, we rarely give much thought to the format in which that book is published. But had the book not presented itself to us in a format that suited our taste and our pockets, we would probably not have picked it up. That’s basically what publishers do: they strive to position their books in the right form and with the right price so that they will find their intended readers. In the summer of 2018, during my professional placement at Simon & Schuster Canada, I learnt how format decisions impact the fate of books, and how the company made successes of certain books by changing the format from hardcover to trade paperback. This report is a culmination of my observations and learnings and is based on interviews I conducted with key members of the staff and data and information provided by Simon & Schuster Canada. The subject of print book formats is complex. My hope is that this report throws light on the state of formats as it stands today in Canada.
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