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Diversification Effect of Emerging Market Over Time

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Author: Ji, Lena
Author: Mao, Marie
This paper studies the influence of U.S monetary policy on international stockreturn-risk characteristics over three major periods led by U.S recessions. Additionally, itaddresses whether emerging market provides diversification benefits to the optimalportfolio for a typical Canadian investor. Results show that U.S monetary policy does not significantly influence the returnsof most stock markets. However, it does significantly affect their risk characteristics. Dueto the changing return, risk and variance-covariance for assets under each period, optimalasset allocation results varied greatly over time. Emerging market did not consistentlyprovide diversification benefits under all periods. Results from the most recent period ledby the Great Recession show no diversification benefit from emerging market, contraryto studies of earlier periods where benefits were present.
MSc in Finance Project-Simon Fraser University
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