Housing high-tech in Harris Green: Examining the relationships between high-tech investment and decreased availability and affordability of rental housing in the Harris Green neighbourhood of Victoria

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The high-tech sector in the City of Victoria has experienced exponential growth in recent years (2010-2017) along with a concurrent drop in housing availability and affordability. The purpose of this research paper is to understand how the high-tech sector’s growth has impacted housing in the Harris Green neighbourhood of Victoria. The Harris Green neighbourhood was chosen as a ‘case study’ for its unique centralized location, small size and density. A concentration of high-tech activity and workspaces has occurred within close proximity to Harris Green, as well as recent growth in multi-family developments, retail/commercial space and high population growth. By analyzing the activity and growth within a concentrated area, an understanding of the relationships between high-tech growth and housing conditions was developed to assist in future decision-making by local governments concerning economic growth and housing sustainability.
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