A Colour Rendering Index for Dichromats

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Author: Funt, B.
Author: Mirzaei, H.
Author: Zhang, X.
We propose a method of evaluating the colour rendering quality of light sources tailored to dichromatic vision. To the best of our knowledge, the proposed color rendering index (CRI) is the first such index to be specifically designed for dichromats. Previous CRIs have been defined only for trichromats and they generally rely on measuring ΔE colour differences in a standardized uniform colour space such as CAM02-UCS. Since these spaces are defined only for trichromatic colour vision these methods do not generalize to the case of dichromatic colour vision. The proposed dichromat CRI is based on the metamer mismatch index, which applies to both the trichromatic and dichromatic cases.
Presented at the 13th AIC Congress, Jeju, Korea, 16-20 October 2017.
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Funt, B., Mirzaei, H., and Zhang, X., "A Colour Redering Index for Dichromats," Proc. AIC 2017 International Colour Association Conference, Jeju. Oct. 2017.
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Proceedings of the AIC International Colour Association Conference
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A Colour Rendering Index for Dichromats
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